Top 5 Pro Slot Machine Tips from a Seasoned Player

So you’ve probably played a slot machine in the past and lost a large amount of coinage right? Hey, it happens! I’ve been there, done that bought and burned the t-shirt! And you’ve probably swore blind that you’ll never again touch another slot machine in your life, again, ever! Hey come on know who do you think you are kidding here?

Sure, you’ll probably be able to go without playing one for a couple days, perhaps even a couple weeks or months. But you just know that you’ll be back to play one again eventually. Since you can’t just let them take your money from you without trying to win it back on another slot machine. Can you? No way Jose!

After all, it’s only a machine right? One that has microchips for a brain. Where as you, well you are walking, talking, living breathing human being that has the ability to think critically and laterally. And if we as a human species have any chance of beating the war on machines, well, we better be able to beat a couple slot machines at least!

And when you think of it like this, you’ll realize that it doesn’t merely come down to making a choice but rather, you have a moral obligation to get “back on the horse” and play that sucker as soon as you possibly can. But before you do that, you should arm yourself with some slot machine wisdom first so you can better see more success.

And that’s going to be the basis of this article. I’m going to give you 5 top tips to succeed more when playing slot machine games today. Of course, slot machines have many different names. Some of them official, some unofficial, some slang. In the UK we call them fruit machines. And in Oz they just call them “poker machine”. Oh how creative!

But then what can you expect from a country that names their favorite pastime after a little girls toy? Let that sink and you’ll get it I promise). But those standard slot machines are powered by your coins (although most take notes today too). Usually slot machines today have 3 or more reels on them. They will spin around when the lever is pulled or the button is pressed.

And most of these machines work by basing a number of patterns from the symbols that show when the reels stop on the screen or under the glass. Those numbers are generated using an RNG (Random Number Generator). But they still all usually have a fixed payout percentage rate which varies from 80 to 95%. The higher the better (more wins).

But that’s enough about how slot machines work! Let’s get right into the top slot machine tips that I’ve promised you already.

Slot machine tip 1:

Before playing any slot machine game online particularly, you should see if there’s a free play mode first. This will help you to become fully acquainted with that machine and how it works. That way, when you do go on to play it with real money, you’ll know better how it works, how it plays and avoid missing those important tricks and button presses that can equate to a win. Also, bare in mind, you can find two identical machines, but they may both play differently because of the RNG I told you about.

Slot machine tip 2:

When looking for a slot machine to play. Whether you’re looking to play online or at a real land based casino. You should try to seek out and play those slots that have a 95%+ payout percentage. These machines will pay out more wins and bigger wins too than those that have a payout percentage that’s lower than this (obviously).

Slot machine tip 3:

If you’re playing online at some online casino, or even if you’re playing at a real casino, you should see if you can join their players club if they have one. Most have some kind of club or membership system you can join if you play and bet there regularly. And the reason for that is because that casino will usually reward you for the time and money you spend playing there. That way, even if you don’t get the jackpot you can still get some additional perks like free meals, drinks, discounted rooms in their hotel and other perks that can be well worth being signed up for.

Slot machine tip 4:

Okay this tip might sound very obvious but it’s well worth mentioning regardless. And it’s basically common sense too. You should only ever play slot machines with an amount of money you can afford and are happy to lose. And never chase your losses! That means, no more going to the cash machine to withdraw more money!

Slot machine tip 5:

On a losing streak and feeling annoyed at being duped out of your hard earned cash? When that happens, stop playing and walk away. Go on a break for a while and do something more productive. Like reading some slot machine tips. It’s supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience not one that causes you to tear your hair in frustration. It’s like they say and like you see on the stickers every where these days; when the fun stops – stop!

And that’s my 5 top slot machine tips! While the last two might seem obvious, as I said, they’re well worth saying! I’ve grown up playing and watching people play slot machines. And I can’t stress enough the importance to abide by these rules and guidelines. When you do so, you’ll enjoy the whole experience a whole lot more!